A Wet & Cold Year

From Chile to Mexico with a whole lot of Canada in between. My year in numbers: 365 Days
365 Km of racing
40 hours 21 minutes of racing
4 Podium Finishes
8 Races
4½ Months Travelling
2 International Trips (Chile-Mexico)
6 Months Living in a Tent
2 Months Planting Trees
84,000 Trees Planted
500+ Visitors on LifeAthlon from
30 Different Countries
4 Bear encounters while running
3200m Highest Altitude.
3 Pairs of Shoes
29 minutes 50 seconds record on the Grouse Grind in Vancouver

The year of my life

What’s a long way? For a kid whose running career began at the age of three, sprinting down the street, naked, making a getaway from diapers. For a boy who felt too ashamed of running in the neighbourhood, to train for a high school race, because of how awkward arms and hands behaved when they…